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Iq Broker Forgot Password

IQBroker Forgot Password

IqOption aims to provide safety, privacy, and security for all its members. As a result, IqBroker has a robust login system that incorporates the latest and most secure measures. You can only access your account via the login credentials you’ve provided at the time of opening your account. 

In case your IqBroker account password, use the Forgot Password option on the main login page. 

IqBroker Forgot Password
IqBroker Forgot Password

Why Is My Iq Broker Password Incorrect?

The following are some of the common mistakes made during entering the password:

  • Case sensitivity is not retained. 

Do not change the case of the letters of your password during logins, because then the password won’t be a replica of the original. 

  • You’ve added or missed a character.

Always enter the same characters.

  • You’ve accidentally entered the wrong password.

You might’ve entered a different password to the one you’ve used for your account.

IqBroker Login Error
IqBroker Login Error

How To Restore Iq Broker Password?

You can restore your IqBroker password via the following steps:

  1. Click on the Forgot Password link on the main page of the website/app login section.
IqBroker Forgot Password Button
IqBroker Forgot Password Button
  1. On the following page/section, enter the email ID you’ve used for your account registration. 
IqBroker Password Recovery
IqBroker Password Recovery
  1. Open your registered email account and click on the link provided in the email sent from IqOption. It will take you to the page where you can change your password.
IqBroker Reset email
IqBroker Reset email
IqBroker Reset password link
IqBroker Reset password link
  1. Enter the new password. Once done, click on the Confirm button. If successful, you’ll get a message stating the same. 
IqBroker Reset password
IqBroker Reset password
IqBroker Reset Successful
IqBroker Reset Successful

Why Is My Iq Broker Email Incorrect?

Your email ID can show up as incorrect due to the following reasons:

  • You’ve entered a different email ID. 

Always remember to use the email ID you’ve used for registration.

  • You’ve made spelling mistakes while entering your email ID.

Email IDs, like passwords, are case sensitive and will be accepted by the system only if they are an exact match to the original.

  • Your email ID is not present/deleted.

You could’ve entered an old email ID that you’ve deleted. If so, you’ll get an error.

IqBroker Wrong Email or Password
IqBroker Wrong Email or Password

How To Restore Email?

  1. Use your phone number to log into your account. Once inside, you can look for your email ID in the Personal Data section.
IqBroker Email ID Check
IqBroker Email ID Check
  1. In case you are unable to do so, you can contact customer service via a different ID and provide the requested details for identification. They’ll assist you. 

Why Is The Iq Broker Phone Number Incorrect?

You could be getting an error while logging into your account using your phone number for the following reasons: 

  • You’ve entered a digit or more wrong.

Mobile numbers can be long and at times you could enter the wrong digits. 

  • You could’ve registered using a different number.

Don’t mix up phone numbers during logins.

  • A technical glitch.

In such cases, wait for some time before trying again. If the problem persists, contact your network service provider or our customer service. 

Provide the last three digits of your number in the email you send to our customer support. 

IqBroker Phone or Email Error
IqBroker Phone or Email Error

How To Restore Phone Number?

You must contact customer service for phone number recovery. Note that the phone number cannot be changed by IqBroker but only deleted. You can then enter your new number. 

Send the last 3 digits of the number to [email protected] and inform the support team so that they can initiate the process. 

You may use the Chat or Phone option in your main account to contact customer support. 

IqBroker Chat Support
IqBroker Chat Support

Iq Broker Blocked Or Deleted Account

Your account could get blocked or even deleted for the following reasons:

  • You’ve used someone else’s account to conduct business on the platform. 

You must only use your credit card, e-wallet, and bank account for trading. This prevents money laundering. 

  • You’ve created more than one account

You cannot do so under Article 4.2.7 of our terms and conditions. 

  • You’ve provided incorrect personal information on purpose. 

It is illegal to do so. 

  • You’ve not provided the necessary documents for account verification, such as an ID card.

Ensure that you submit all the required documents during registration.

  • You’re a citizen of a country that prohibits options trading.

Not every country is open to it. You can’t trade in such places.

  • You’ve manually deleted your account.

Manual deletion erases all records of your account.

IqBroker Account Closing

Contact Iq Broker Support

IqOption ensures that you’re never far away from help when you need it. No matter your query, our team of customer support executives are always at hand, 24/7, to solve your issues. 

You can reach them via the Chat and Phone options in your account. Just click on the appropriate buttons in the bottom right corner. 

IqBroker Help Page
IqBroker Help Page

There’s even a dedicated Help Page where you’ll find answers to the most common queries related to the various aspects of our service. You can click on the required option for its details.

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