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Iq Broker Assets

IqBroker Assets

One of the best strategies to cut risk is the diversification of your investment basket. Instead of putting all your money in one asset class, you can divide it up between multiple asset classes. That way you stand to not lose all in one and can distribute the risk across them all. 

IqBroker understands this fundamental principle of investing very well. To help minimize the risks associated with trading for its traders, it has multiple trading assets on its platform. 

Traders can pick the one or many they are comfortable with, improving their chances of profiting or at the very least. minimizing the chances of losing all of their money. 

IqBroker Assets
IqBroker Assets

Iq Broker Options Assets

Options trading means placing a stake on price movement. It is a type of contract that is exchange-traded for gaining profit on the differences in price movement. 

The options can be had on currency, stocks and goods.

IqBroker traders stand to gain up to 80% of the profit they make when trading options assets on the platform. That value is dependent on the transaction type and dealer-in-goods used. 

A wrong move however will result in all the invested money being lost. 

The main terms that traders should keep in mind during options trading are:

  • Asset
  • Time Frame
  • Expiration
  • Option Put
  • Option Call
  • One-Touch
  • In/Out options
IqBroker Options
IqBroker Options

Iq Broker Forex Assets

The US dollar reigns as the supreme currency in the world. Every other currency gets valued by comparing it with USD. This number continues to alter all the time depending on the economic performance of that particular country. 

Traders can use this exchange and bet on which way the value will go at a certain point in time and stand to make a profit on it. This type of trading is called Foreign exchange or Forex trading. 

IqBroker not only gives you the option for USD to your preferred currency Forex trading but also between any two currencies of your choice. This way, you don’t have to struggle for choice and can choose the one that you find profitable.

IqBroker Forex Assets
IqBroker Forex Assets

Iq Broker Stocks Assets

Stocks are the main trading asset class across platforms. The diversity and flexibility they offer are unparalleled compared to other asset classes. 

One can both trade them and use them as long term investments. Their value change is near impossible to predict in the short term but tends to increase in value over time. Hence shareholders tend to keep them for a long time. 

IqBroker allows for stock trading on the platform via the means of a CFD or Contract For Difference. It is a type of financial instrument that allows one to trade on the price movements of stocks by predicting whether the value will increase or decrease. 

The advantage of CFD is that one can use it to trade on stocks without actually owning those stocks. 

IqBroker Stocks Assets
IqBroker Stocks Assets

Iq Broker Crypto Assets

Cryptocurrencies entered the world as an obscure piece of technology that many didn’t understand initially. However, over the years they have grown to become a targeted asset class for investors and traders, and are now within the reach of many. 

The great Crypto value rise of 2017-18, and the recent ones as well have turned it into a trader’s desired asset class for the diversification of portfolio. 

The near-continuous rise of value has made it dependable. The variety of cryptocurrencies available today further help with diversification. 

IqBroker offers the benefit of numerous cryptocurrencies for trading. You can trade in them worldwide, short sell them, quickly deposit and withdraw your money, and directly start trading in them from your account, aiding comfortable and convenient trading. 

IqBroker Crypto Assets
IqBroker Cypto Assets

Iq Broker Commodities Assets

Commodities are basic goods needed for us to survive. The four categories are metal, energy, meat and livestock, and agriculture. 

The value of these keeps changing continuously depending on market demand, but are expected to always rise in the long term. They, therefore, make great trading assets. 

IqBroker lets you trade in all of the major commodity assets, from metals like gold and silver to energy options like oil and gas. You can diversify your portfolio and reduce risk by a great amount. 

Commodities trading also happens via CFDs.

IqBroker Commodities Assets
IqBroker Commodities Assets

Iq Broker ETF Assets

Exchange-Traded Funds are funds that follow a particular type of index, industry sector, commodity, or another asset class. They can be bought and sold on the stock exchange just like any other stock. 

This gives the investor the advantage of getting the gains of that particular sector or collection of stocks without actually owning any. It is also what makes them a great addition to a trader’s portfolio.

IqBroker has a total of 23 ETFs that traders can use. They are international and spread across markets, helping to reduce the impact any one market can have on your investment. 

The diverse ETF classes include:

  • Metals
  • Semiconductors
  • Real Estate
  • Energy
  • Industries
  • Alternative Harvest, etc.

ETF trading also happens via CFDs.

IqBroker ETF Assets
IqBroker ETF Assets
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